> ATL BBQ Festival

The Front Door to the Festival
Fulton County Stadium...errr, I mean Turner Field!!!
The Gateway to BBQ
BBQ at every corner
KC's Real Deal BBQ
Who let the Dawgs out?
Lazy Bear Competition BBQ team
The Big Green Egg guys
The Smokin' J's - My favorite competition team
Smokin' J's BBQ team Jeff Rittman's cooker
Smokin' J's Short Bus
The Fox Bros. kickin' butt
Wish I was a judge.
Fox Bros. pulled pork turn-in butts
Fox Bros. and their Southern Pride cooker
Can you spot the smokin' BBQ from Fox Bros?
Janet and friend from Williamson Bros. BBQ
Smokin' J's pulled pork turn in box
Judging tent
These guys are clearly BBQ Masters.  It says so on the sign.
Sweetwater, oh sweet, sweet Sweetwater
Five Star BBQ
NY Butcher Shoppe rockin' the Primo Grilll
NY Butcher Shoppe
Flint River BBQ team
Hey, that's a Nice Rack you've got there
Nice Rack BBQ team
Oh, hell yeah
Interesting cooker
The Smoke Boyz Backyard team
The Traiger Guy
More Backyard Division Fun
The Smokin' Aces are cooking up somethin' good
The Smokin' Aces at the cooker
The Smokin' Aces Chicken Pit Special Team
Backyard BBQ fun
Stubb's BBQ Feed the World trailer
The Stubb's BBQ Feed the World Trailer
Bonnie's Herbs Giveaway.
Free Herbs from Bonnie's!!!
AJ's Backyard BBQ Thighs
AJ's Backyard BBQ
The Orion cooker
Line 'em up
Thumbs up from Jeff Rittman and the Smokin' J's!
The line at Fox Bros for handouts
The VIP table
VIP tent with Bob Herndon and the BBQgeek
Bubba Keg Kamp